MIME application/xhtml xml

MIME category: Application
MIME subtype: XHTML or XML

MIME application/xhtml xml – An overview

The MIME type application/xhtml xml refers to the XHTML file type. The file extension type of XHTML is registered as an application on IANA. The file type doesn’t have any required parameters or optional parameters defined beyond the type and subtype of the extension.

XHTML stands for Extended Hypertext Markup Language which is an advancement over the popular HTML used universally for web authoring. The syntax and expressions of XHTML conforms to the XML standard, which is defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). XHTML bears close resemblance to HTML in terms of syntax and structure, however the XML guidelines which govern XHTML demands more strict adherence. Since XHTML is far more strict and standardized than HTML it can be read and opened far more quickly with automatic processing through some standard tools.

However, HTML being far more lenient in its coding standards may require customized parser and may show different results from browser to browser. The first version of XHTML (version 1.0) was too different from HTML except for the requirement of tags and content to be formed and encoded in a prescribed format. It also needed some special characters like ampersand, and arrows to be declared in a special way in order to get parsed properly by the browser.

Applications using MIME application/xhtml xml

Since XHTML does not belong to a proprietary application vendor, there are no specific vendors who create applications just to read XHTML files. The standards being defined by W3C, allows the file to be parsed across any W3C-compliant browser.

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